Brunch at Meadowlands Restaurant

I had been hearing many good things about Meadowlands Restaurant, located at the original Slough House, built in 1850 – off Meiss Road in Sloughhouse, CA. Nobody in my immediate circle of friends had been yet, so when my friend Carolyn suggested getting together for brunch – this place topped my list and she’s always down for a new food adventure.

Meadowlands, Sloughhouse Sign

When I first moved to the area back in 1999, we often visited Sloughhouse Inn, one of the previous restaurants in the same location. Over the years there were other failed attempts at re-opening. This time around restaurateurs Ron and Terri Gilliland – who also own Lucky Dog Ranch in Dixon and Roxy and Lucca Restaurants in Sacramento, are behind the venture with executive chef Dan Origel in the kitchen. Roxy is another go to brunch place for us and I have enjoyed many amazing meals at Lucca – so I went in very excited to give Meadowlands a try. 

Meadowlands Restaurant - Sloughhouse, CA

It was a perfect day for a drive. The massive rains we have been getting in and around the Sacramento area led to some flooding in the restaurant’s parking lot – a common occurrence due to the location. We were happy to see sunshine and clear skies.

Carolyn loves all things history and historical markers of any kind must be read. She also likes butts and taking photos of statue butts, we’ll save that post for another day. 

I really liked the simple interior and a good mix of booths and tables is always nice. I’ve been looking for a new dining room light fixture for over the table and had considered the glass and metal Edison bulb look – they had them throughout the main dining area and it made me like them even more, it’s the keeping the glass panels clean that has me concerned… still on the hunt for the perfect light fixture, I’m getting close. 

We were seated in the darkest table of the entire restaurant. I knew photos would be a challenge, so I made sure to get the menu photo on the outdoor deck. Aaron, Carolyn and Dan are used to me moving plates around for the best lighting option. I swear, I’m a pure JOY to dine with…ha-ha. Thank God I have really great friends that understand my passion for documenting/blogging some of the restaurant meals I eat. Trust me, my everyday eating would put readers to sleep. My daily meals for the most part are boring. 

I ordered the Avocado Toast. Slab bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise, pickled red onion and radish on brioche with house greens. The greens were dressed perfectly – the pickled onion added so much to the dish and I’ve pretty much been living off avocado toast, eggs and pickled everything since. No, I’m not joking. 

I had to get the breaking into the egg photo… just looking at the photo makes me think – get in my belly! Since our brunch trip was such a success, I’m thinking of switching it up with a visit for dinner next time around.

Aaron ordered the biscuits and gravy. Maple sausage, jalapeno gravy, sage, fried eggs and slab bacon. He also got a side order of breakfast potatoes that I kept stealing. Thanks Aaron! He really liked the flavor profile of his dish, we all really enjoyed what we ordered.

Carolyn decided on a coffee and the cast iron cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting and pecans. A cinnamon roll the size of your head = sharing and a to-go box for home. It was delicious and the perfect dessert ending to my avocado toast. 

I haven’t eaten too many cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing – you know… the Pillsbury canned versions don’t come with the fancy stuff. It was a fun change-up on the norm. I have made cinnamon rolls from scratch before and I also enjoy an occasional Cinnabon version, but I lean towards savory on all things breakfast. I guess that statement is true for every meal and all snacks. I’d much rather eat a bowl/entire bag of chips or a hunk of cheese over a cookie or any piece of candy.

Dan ordered the Stagecoach Breakfast – choice of house-made sausage, wild boar sausage or bacon with eggs any style, griddle potatoes and toast. I failed to get a photo of his plate, but he gave it a thumbs up as well. 

Meadowlands serves their our own pasture raised beef, fruits & vegetables from their gardens and Davis Ranch, conveniently located right off Jackson Road. 

I saw on Facebook that they are searching for local bands to play during the Summer – a cocktail, some tunes and patio dining, now that sounds amazing. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.



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    • Brian Stockham on March 5, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Thanks for the review Kathleen. I was glad to see their reopening. The Cheddar Cheese Benedict looks good. I wonder if I would be able to handle that, along with one of those Liege Waffles. I’ll try to make time to try it on our next trip back to Elk Grove!

    • Leslee on March 6, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    I’ve heard and read many positive comments about Meadowlands! Need to try it out myself!!!

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