Sierra Nevada Brewery Taproom & Restaurant – Chico, CA

Sierra Nevada Brewery

A quick day trip to Chico, CA provided the perfect opportunity to have lunch with my parents at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s Taproom. They went through a recent remodel at the beginning of this year. I had nothing to compare it to since it was my first time, but after showing pictures to a friend who goes on the regular, she seemed very impressed with the recent updates. The view below is to the right of the front door entry with a glass walled step down.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Taproom Interior

The woodwork throughout was amazing. We got a table close to the kitchen and were able to look out onto the patio area. The menu went through some changes as well. Chef Daniel Grice was hired just days before the horrific Camp Fire – the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history.

Shortly after the Camp Fire started back in early November 2018, I read all about Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s Resilience campaign through local craft brewery social media links. The campaign gave the recipe/tools to brew Resilience IPA beer to any brewery interested. The purpose of the campaign was to raise money for those impacted by the Camp Fire. I really wanted to support the campaign, so I purchased a Resilience Butte County Proud IPA t-shirt from the brewery’s website and I bought two 6-packs at my local grocery store back in December to share with my fam at Christmas. Supplies were limited and I just happened to be at the right place, at the right time. Over 1400 breweries across the U.S. and even in other countries hosted Resilience events/fundraisers. Locally I could feel the sense of pride friends, co-workers and the community felt to help those in need.
The overwhelming support helped inspire the Butte Strong Fund, a partnership devoted to the long recovery ahead.

Sierra Nevada Resilience

So back to lunch… The menu had many options and it took me a bit to decide.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Taproom menu
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Menu

I ended up ordering the lentil burger with white cheddar and fries. The burger had an aioli sauce and was served with red onion and green leaf lettuce. It was awesome, packed full of flavor and the texture was on point. Crisp on the edges and team moist on the inside. I just got through posting about eating healthier… then I post a photo of fries… LOL. It’s all about moderation. I did eat over half of my fries and I finished the burger. I feel like I now must recreate the lentil patty for a future meal prep Sunday.

Sierra Nevada Brewery Lentil Burger

We stopped into the gift shop after lunch to pick up some mustard and a 6 pack of Summerfest. I will definitely be back for a tour and tasting when I have more time. A fun afternoon with the rents and a perfect beginning to the rest of our adventure.


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