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Brunch at Beast + Bounty

Beast + Bounty Interior

My girlfriends and I celebrated my birthday by brunching at Beast + Bounty, a “new to me” restaurant located at 1701 R ST. in the Ice Blocks development in Midtown Sacramento, CA. The restaurant has been open since August 2018, I just haven’t had a chance to check it out until this past weekend.    …

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Brunch at Pushkin’s Restaurant

Pushkin's Restaurant

While I have tried Pushkin’s Bakery on 29th and S, I had no idea that they had opened a restaurant on Capital Ave. until a friend suggested it to our brunch group. Another friend who lives a gluten-free/dairy free lifestyle due to severe food allergies had introduced me to the bakery years ago.  My first …

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Brunch at Meadowlands Restaurant

Meadowlands Restaurant - Sloughhouse, CA

I had been hearing many good things about Meadowlands Restaurant, located at the original Slough House, built in 1850 – off Meiss Road in Sloughhouse, CA. Nobody in my immediate circle of friends had been yet, so when my friend Carolyn suggested getting together for brunch – this place topped my list and she’s always down …

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