m2 Winery with Friends

One last stop on our holiday home tour was visiting one of Wendy’s favorite local wineries – m2. Wendy and her husband belong to the m2 Cellar Dwellers Wine Club and she had a few bottles to pick up. The winery and tasting room are located at 2900 Peltier Rd. in Acampo, CA.

M2 Lodi, CA

We arrived an hour before closing and it was the perfect way to end a fun day with friends. 

M2 Winery, Lodi CA

I loved the industrial look of the building. m2 creates artisanal wines from vineyards in Lodi, Napa, and the Sierra Foothills of California. According to the m2 website, their first wines were crafted in 2004. In the fall of 2006, they opened their original winery and tasting room in an industrial park in northeast Lodi. They quickly outgrew that space and opened the new winery and tasting room in January 2014. I never saw the old space, but I really was impressed with the new space. Groups of 10 or more are by reservation only. m2 also hosts winemaker dinners and summer concerts that would be really fun to attend.

The graphic designer/typography geek in me loved the scale of the lettering on the side of the building. 

The cold temps and wind had picked up and it was nice to have the option to hangout in the tasting room… although the outside seating area would be nice in the spring and summer months, especially for the concerts.

M2 Winery, Alcampo

M2 Winery Acampo, CA.

M2 Wines, Acampo, CA.

We tasted six different wines with lots of biscuit crackers in between. Ok, maybe that was just me. 🙂

We started off with the 2015 Viognier, which retails for $18/bottle. Description: Lush tropical flavors of pineapple and mango with a touch of banana for a smooth feel and creamy finish. We all liked it, but ended up liking the other pours more. 

2014 Pinot Noir – $35/bottle
Light mineral notes, with a soft, tart berry finish. The earth and vine truly shine through from this Carneros fruit. This pour was my favorite of the day.

One of my goals for 2017 is to taste/drink more wine. Haha. I definitely know much more about food tasting than wine tasting and some friends have recommended some local classes and places for me to learn more. I don’t ever see myself getting crazy with wine, I just would like to learn more about wine/food pairings and find a few bottles I like along the way. I tend to lean more towards sweeter wines, but I’m starting to appreciate a wider range. I’ve been told the “sweet’ thing comes from inexperience – LOL… mostly by wine snobby people in the industry. My close friends (lots of wine lovers) don’t care what I drink or that I sometimes prefer my red wine chilled with a single ice cube. Oh relax… everything is going to be o.k., like I said – the goal is to learn more, not to be a wine #knowitall.

We also tried the following:

2014 emtwopointone – $22/bottle
A blend of two Zinfandel vineyards that starts with bright, tart currants and finishes with smooth notes of cocoa. A true everyday Zinfandel. My iPhone notes said that this one ranked in our top 3. 

2014 Block 1916 Zinfandel – $30/bottle
From the Soucie vineyard planted in 1916. Bing cherries with a cola quality in the mid palette. Smooth and vibrant with a lingering finish. We all liked this one.

2013 Tempranillo – $24/bottle
Juicy plums and blueberries with a light smoky cedar middle and peppery finish. I did taste the smoky cedar, but preferred some of the others more.

The last pour of the day was the 2013 Trio Red Blend – $24/bottle. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petite Sirah. Sweet cherries with hints of chocolate, cloves and spices. Another favorite of the day.

I’m looking forward to many more days of wine tasting in Lodi and surrounding areas. With it being such a short drive from Sacramento – it’s worth exploring. I have a few other friends that belong to Lodi wine clubs and I look forward to trying their favorites as well.

Thanks again Wendy for playing tour guide and for introducing me to m2, I’m certain I will be going back to explore more. 

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    • Lora on December 27, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    Cool space. I’m not a snobby wine drinker…I like what I like and I don’t worry too much about what I should be drinking with what. But a class or two sounds like a good idea and fun, too.

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