Apr 07 2014

Vintage Trailer Show & Antique Flea Market

I attended Red Door Antique’s Vintage Trailer Show and Antique Flea Market in Old Town Elk Grove Plaza back on March 22. Things have been a little crazy, so I delayed blogging about it until now. General admission was $5 and a portion of the proceeds went to the Elk Grove Historical Society. The Red Door is one of my favorite antique stores and I was happy to support them and their effort to bring something new to the city of Elk Grove.

Elk Grove Vintage Trailer Show

Carolyn has had a fascination with vintage trailers for some time and from previous posts you know that we are also slightly obsessed with hunting for antiques and fun treasures. Carolyn and I started off the morning with a trail walk, we then hit up Starbucks and some garage sales before joining up with Aaron for a fantastic day of retro trailers, antique vendors and food truck eats.


I absolutely loved Barry and Faye’s 1964 Shasta Compact Trailer. The owners of the trailers were so proud of their projects and super willing to let you step into the trailers to check them out. We loved hearing stories of special trips and about groups they belong to.


I was a little obsessed with the level of detail in some of the trailer kitchenettes. From the dishes, to the salt and pepper shakers to the curtain fabric and custom pillows, lots of thought went into decorating. Carolyn, Aaron and I talked about how it compares to a club house, or doll house and I’m pretty sure that’s what drives these owners to be so creative and to have fun with their spaces.



Ha-ha! I just loved the propane tank apron detail…


And the bumper was pretty funny too…


The above 1966 Airstream Tradewind was completely customized by Airstream technicians at the Jackson Center, Ohio Factory. The owner and her neighbor referred to what they do as “Glamping” – we got a tour of all the “at home” glamour features. (Photo by Carolyn)


Leather booth seating with a Paris theme throughout… no vintage/retro going on here!


They even had lavender sachets hanging from the hooks over each bed.


The bathroom was a major upgrade and plus to them. Much better than camp site bathrooms or a hole in the ground, ha!  While this was a pretty incredible trailer, I’m guessing it probably cost more than my house.


This Cardinal Deluxe had an adorable retro kitchen…


(Above photo by Carolyn) The turquoise and yellow teamed with the natural wood was a cool look.


The sleeping space was pretty big too.


Next up was a 1966 Aloha Trailer with a western theme… lots of lace and burlap.


I missed the make and model of this trailer, but I loved the shabby chic interior, especially the chandelier and tea cup shelf.


I didn’t take photos of all the trailers, just some of my favorites. Next up was reminiscing and shopping for antiques while borrowing ideas for future craft projects.


Remember the game Cootie? I used to play with my BFF Denise and her sister Nicole ALL. THE. TIME. Also notice the vintage toy truck? Just like the one Aaron gave me… now I’m on the hunt for more, love that they planted cactus in the back bed… also think it would be fun to turn some bike wheels into a photo gallery in my office. I’m seeing more and more rusted out bed springs at every antique show – just like the ones I got in Placerville around Halloween.


I don’t have a need to make this many bread loaves, but I bet these vintage army pans could be used as display shelves for small collectibles.


4 banana breads at a time… now that would be magical.


Vintage postcards distressed on pieces of wood would make for some pretty cool table numbers or place cards. I also liked the vintage doctor’s bag with the plant. Turning spoons and photos into necklaces seems to be very popular too… I would love to experiment with some metal stamping.

By the time we made our way through the rows and rows of trailers and antique vendors, we had worked up quite the appetite. The Skinny Vanilla Latte I had earlier was not enough.


Aaron and I hit up Heavenly Dog for corn dogs.


Delicious! Nothing beats a good corn dog… I really need to try making the batter and deep frying them at home.


(Above photo by Carolyn) – Carolyn hit up Sacatomatoes. I’ve been wanting to try the truck, but the corn dog smells took over and there was no way I wasn’t going to get one. Sacatomatoes is a Sacramento based food truck that focuses on 100% locally sourced ingredients. Their menu changes with what is available.



Carolyn ordered the rabbit sausage breakfast sandwich… with a cheese skirt and fabulous bun. She said it was delicious!


Freshly squeezed lemonade was also enjoyed by Aaron from Costa’s Finest Kettle Corn out of Lodi. I was tempted to buy some Kettle Corn and regretted that I didn’t later.


We passed by these 1948 Doodle Bug Scooters on our way out and man were they adorable.



A traveling bar… now that’s genius.

We had a really fun day and enjoyed touring through the trailers. I can’t wait until Carolyn gets one so we can get started on our new club house. 😉

Thanks Carolyn for sharing some of your photos with me for this blog post – they would have looked fabulous on your own blog, hint…hint…



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    • Leslee on April 7, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    WOW! I had no idea they have vintage trailers… I loved your recap of your day, sounds like a great time! We have been enjoying the food trucks coming to town as well and even hit a couple up while on Maui! They are indeed a foodies delite!

    • Karen on April 8, 2014 at 8:24 am

    Fun to see the cute trailers!!!
    In the late 50’s my parents bought a trailer.
    It was red and white. The brand was TERRY.
    My parents joined a Tralier Club so we went
    lots of places and had a lots of fun!!!
    I too like a good corndog!!!

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