Egg and Glitter Hearts

With February 14th approaching, I thought I’d fill my blog with Valentine’s Day swoon-tastic food and decor. O.k., so maybe that’s a stretch. I picked up the latest copy of Phyliss Hoffman’s Celebrate magazine (the same magazine I created the super bowl themed tent cards from) and found a fun little activity that I wanted to explore further.

Heart shaped hard boiled eggs… Who knew? Don’t mind if I do. I mean come on, everyone is making pink cupcakes, heart shaped tarts dusted in powdered sugar, red velvet and candied everything… not so many heart shaped eggs out there. This is cutting edge stuff.

Instructions: Heart Shaped Eggs

  1. Boil eggs.
  2. While eggs are still warm, but cool enough to handle, remove shell.
  3. FOLD (very important) 1 8×4-inch piece of paper (poster board or card stock) in half lengthwise.
  4. Place warm egg in center of poster board.
  5. Place a lollipop stick on top of egg, pressing gently.
  6. Wrap rubber bands around both ends of lollipop stick and paper to secure egg.
  7. Chill in fridge for 15 minutes.
  8. Remove egg from paper and slice to approximately 1/8 -inch thickness

I read the “how to” instructions… but not very well. I forgot to fold my paper in half lengthwise – this resulted in a round heart, whoops! I also over boiled my eggs, so the insides were crumbly, but that’s another story. The shells didn’t stick, so I’m looking at that as a win!

I didn’t have any poster board or card stock, but I did have photo paper. I also didn’t have any rubber bands (I don’t get the newspaper and have never thought to actually buy rubber bands, does anyone purchase rubber bands?)  – I did however have a new packet of hair bands, so I used those. No lollipop sticks either, but I had some caramel apple sticks lefts over from Halloween. Hmmm, perhaps I should have taken inventory before starting the project, ha!

I got to work on making my egg salad while my egg torture contraption chilled out for 15 minutes on the top shelf of the fridge.

I decided to get all fancy with my sandwich. I broke out a ring mold to waste bread ;). I added some mayonnaise, salt, pepper and fresh parsley to my chopped up hard boiled eggs for the salad. I then double plated that puppy and got it ready for the ultra amazing heart shaped topper.

1-2 shakes of smoked paprika and voilà… wait, you can’t even tell it’s a heart…

Oh… so I needed to FOLD the paper – Son of a… Whatever, it was a fun afternoon project and it made my sandwich go from drab to dazzle in a matter of minutes. Next time I will be FOLDING the damn paper.

I also decided to decorate my house a little bit for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t go all out, but it does look like cupid threw up a little here and there.

I love my funky heart figurines. I put them in front of numbered mason jars filled with heart tags and little love notes.

My stamped spoons are new this year. I picked them up at my favorite antique/gift shop and put them into a glass spice jar. I deconstructed a heart garland I found last year at HomeGoods and then I used jute twine to tie them to everything I could think of.

I wasn’t kidding… my Higga-type dog needed a festive collar. Jute and heart collar, coming right up.

My numbered candle holders needed heart necklaces…

I blinged out my magazine/catalog holder…

I broke out my several year old “love” wooden blocks… the bonus there, I also bought an “n” so I could create “noel” at Christmas time.

A little heart filler replaced the natural pods and artichokes I had in the black and glass containers… the fun glittered sphere says, “My Funny Valentine.”

More Scrabble fun… I get high score.

Happy early Valentine’s Day from me to you and from my home to yours…

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    • Amy on February 9, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    I have always loved seeing your decorating…. you always have the neatest things for the holidays! That egg sandwich looked wonderful and even more adorable with the heart shaped egg on top! 🙂

  1. I’ve been meaning to try this heart-egg thing! I’ll have to see what kind of materials I have laying around…

    • Kristen on February 10, 2012 at 10:50 am

    I love to see your creativity at work… Happy Valentine’s Day to you & Dan! 🙂

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