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Where have the days gone? I had such high hopes of cooking over the weekend to post new recipes. I enjoyed a trip to a local ranch farm on Friday afternoon. They are known for their corn and after making the red corn, I couldn’t wait to use more of the cojita cheese for another corn dish. There were tons of people in line waiting to get their hands on corn, fresh from the field. They had a hybrid corn on Friday – mixed yellow and sweet white kernels.

OMG, they are already advertising for their Christmas Tree farm on the bags that hold the corn. Christmas? Again… time is just flying on by. I was also amazed to see the pumpkins…

and butternut squash…

Is fall really getting that close?

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, but now that I have a swimming pool, it makes me sad to know that my time in it will soon be limited. Not like I’m trying to rush the year, but seeing Christmas tree ads, pumpkins and butternut squash, I honestly have not been able to stop thinking about soup recipes and comfort food. Probably the reason I ordered some comfort foods at restaurants over the weekend.

We spent Friday night out with friends. We went to a sushi place downtown. It was “meh” – If I’m going to do sushi, I want my sushi roll smothered in sauce – this place put a single line of sauce down the plate and set the sushi on top – it was way too dry and I was too lazy to ask for more sauce. That was dumb, but whatever, the company was still great. After dinner we walked a bunch of blocks to Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. My girlfriend Deede loves this place. She was craving one of their Parisian Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches for dessert, so off we went. The shop smelled delicious. I pretty much wanted to eat the entire counter full of specialty chocolates. Deede got the blackberry violet sandwich and it looked yummy. They also had a lemon and pistachio ice cream sandwich. I was interested in the Frozen Hot Chocolate Parfait, but Dan and I opted for fat-free frozen yogurt at a shop on the way back to the car. He is doing his weight loss challenge with all of the guys at his work and I just wanted something light. My turned non-light when I added gummi bears 😉

I spent the first part of Saturday at the golf course for my work’s annual golf tournament. It was a nice afternoon – especially a little side trip my girlfriend Kristen and I took to a specialty market during the tournament. I got a few goodies and will post about them later in the week.

Saturday evening and Sunday were spent with Dan, my bestie and her BFF Dave. We had dinner at Hot Italian in downtown Sac. and the pizza was incredible. I had to snag a photo off Hilly’s Facebook page to show the pizza, I didn’t take any photos that night.

Dave is looking a bit intense in the photo, not sure what we were talking about… at least you can see the restaurant vibe and the pizza. We sat outside on the patio. Hilly and Dave got the same pizza with 1 mod for Hilly. They got “the Ligabue” – basil pesto, mozzarella, pine nuts, pecorino romano cheese and Hilly added prosciutto parma to hers. Dan and I both ordered “The Materazzi” – pepperoni, olives, tomato sauce, mozzarella and fontina cheese – I got mine without pepperoni and it was awesome! We also all ordered the stracciatella gelato for dessert. Yum!

We ended the evening listening to 80’s music back at our place with a bottle of wine…  Hilly and I finished the bottle by ourselves and ended up busting a move right there in the living room. We showcased our mad 80’s dance moves, thankfully there were no photos or video to document.

Dan and I picked Hilly and Dave up Sunday morning and we headed to Lake Tahoe. Crazy music filled the car and lots of singing and laughs were shared. We hit up some casinos, had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Harvey’s and then went to the beach to get some photos of the lake and each other.

Hilly has the rest of the photos on her camera – Dan only took a couple photos with my iPhone. It was a gorgeous day and then the dark clouds rolled in. We got caught in a crazy thunder, lightning and hail storm on the way home. Traffic was insane and we couldn’t wait to get out of the cramped car. We ended the visit with a trip to Pinkberry. I got the watermelon yogurt with a watermelon puree and fresh watermelon topping. I added some yogurt chips and it was incredible.

Dan and I then met up with some other friends for dinner. It was an awesome weekend with 3 different sets of friends, but also the reason why you aren’t seeing any recipes on the blog today. I ate every meal out from Friday afternoon to Sunday night.

Now it’s back to reality – work, working out and cooking at home – I’m looking forward to it. I have to make a meal plan for the week and my body would very much like some vegetables for dinner tonight.

Did you do anything fun this past weekend?

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